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Re: [m2e-users] Using builder to auto deploy resources

So you want zar-to-tomcat goal to be called whenever any file is changed?

In 0.12.x you can add this goal to project lifecycle mapping via
properties (right-click)->Properties->Maven->LifecycleMapping "goals to
invoke on resource change...".

Beware of potential performance problems as this goal will be called
whenever there is a file change under src/main/resources. Ideally, the
implementation behind the goal should be using plexus-build-api, which
will allow it proper interaction with workspace.


On 11-03-30 01:38 PM, Paul Ryan wrote:
Sorry let me clarify the goals that are setup in our plugin. No I don't mean the deploy goal we currently have the plugin set to tie to the a special goal called zar-to-tomcat that happens in the compile scope in the install phase.

Does that help?

-- Paul Ryan

On Mar 30, 2011, at 7:57 AM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:

When you say "deploy" do you mean "mvn deploy" or something else?


On 11-03-29 02:10 PM, Paul Ryan wrote:
Hi all,

I did a quick search of the archives and couldn't find my question
being answered so if this has been asked before I apologize.

First a setup on what I'm doing. We have a custom deployment plugin
as out software has an interpreted mode so we don't have to
pre-compile a lot of our code, thus we store this code in
src/main/resources within our projects. We have a profile that can
deploy only changes to these resources and it works great from the
command line. I've configured the project (s) to have our custom
profile enabled and I've un-checked the skip maven builds on resource

When I do a clean of the project this profile gets build; however
this doesn't seem to work from an auto build.

Any help on how to get this to work from an auto-build would be
greatly appreciated as this is the only thing keeping us from
completely dropping ant scripts.


-- Paul Ryan

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