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Re: [m2e-users] [m2eclipse-user] Resources in target/test-classes are removed

Resources go missing because of interference between JDT and Maven
builders when they both touch the same generated files. The problem gets
worse when Maven plugins make changes to filesystem directly without
notifying workspace. Explicit lifecycle mapping gives you full control
over Maven builder, so you can avoid the interference by only selecting
required project configurators and "good" mojo executions.


On 10-11-11 10:59 AM, Abid Hussain wrote:
Actually, I don't really get the point what the custom lifecycle
mapping is all about. Does it mean that m2eclipse will be excluded
from build process so that all responsibility about compiling, copying
is to JDT?



2010/11/11 Igor Fedorenko<igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Sorry to disappoint, but nothing changed in that area in 0.12, so the
problem will most likely come back sooner or later. We are working on a
permanent solution, but it won't be available for some months. Don't
expect any magic, however. m2e will basically detect "unsupported"
projects and force users setup custom build lifecycle mapping.


PS: Please use m2e-users@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

On 10-11-11 10:12 AM, Michael Glauche wrote:

Abid Hussain<dilax.hussain@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>    hat am 11. November 2010 um
15:58 geschrieben:

In the bug entry it says that it will be fixed in 0.11. Is this still
the case? The bug is still marked as "Unresolved"...

The bug seems fixed in the 0.12 staged release. I was troubled by this bug
before and I cannot reproduce it with eclipse 3.6.1, m2eclipse 0.12 and

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