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[lyo-dev] Query on Folder

I'm working on implementing a substring search capability for OSLC and DOORS, using .NET. The OSLC specification doesn't provide for this type of search, so I'm having to do it myself.

First Issue: From what I'm understanding, OSLC doesn't have the capability to search a Folder (designated by a -F- in the Service Provider URL). Because of that, if I want to allow someone to search a folder, I have to go into that folder and get all the Modules and perform the search on those instead (with the concomitant need to recurse into any child folder inside that Module).
Am I right in my assumptions? If not, how do I search a Folder?

Second Issue: If the above is true, then in order to do a search over the entire DOORS database, I have to retrieve ALL the Modules, retrieve all children from each Module, and then search that humongous list to see if my substring is present. Retrieving ALL the requirements through OSLC is abominably slow, so naturally I'm wondering: Is there a better way to do a global search?



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