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Re: [lyo-dev] Query on Folder

Hi Robert,

First issue: You are correct. Querying attribute values is only supported at module level. The advent of OSLC has not changed the underlying DOORS architecture and it is no more realistic (well, really is even less realistic) to expect to be able to perform a database wide search that is not extremely slow. In the case of OSLC you'd have to contend with the overhead of transcoding the data etc as well.

Second issue: I guess there are 2 approaches to this (actually, I guess there are more but  lets keep it simple to start with).

1. If querying over the entire database in a DOORS client _does_ exhibit acceptable performance than you could write a DXL service to do just that. This would cut out a load of overhead. That said, if you expect the query result set to be very large this could lead to unmanageable responses unless great care is taken.

2. Use LQE. In this way LQE will be continually updated as changes are made to the DOORS data and you can query over a triple store rather than a file system as you must with the DOORS client. This will still require some time to index in the first instance though.

In short, OSLC does not provide a magic solution for database wide queries. The underlying data store is _not_ a database and is not well suited to this sort of operation.


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I'm working on implementing a substring search capability for OSLC and
DOORS, using .NET.  The OSLC specification doesn't provide for this type
of search, so I'm having to do it myself.

First Issue:  From what I'm understanding, OSLC doesn't have the
capability to search a Folder (designated by a -F- in the Service
Provider URL).  Because of that, if I want to allow someone to search a
folder, I have to go into that folder and get all the Modules and
perform the search on those instead (with the concomitant need to
recurse into any child folder inside that Module).
Am I right in my assumptions?  If not, how do I search a Folder?

Second Issue: If the above is true, then in order to do a search over
the entire DOORS database, I have to retrieve ALL the Modules, retrieve
all children from each Module, and then search that humongous list to
see if my substring is present.  Retrieving ALL the requirements through
OSLC is abominably slow, so naturally I'm wondering:  Is there a better
way to do a global search?



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