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Re: [lyo-dev] DoorsOauthSample and processAsJavaObjects

One of the most commonly supported  response format is RDF/XML. If the response is in this format, it is recommended that you use an RDF parser instead of parsing XML directly to avoid having to deal with an RDF statement that can be expressed in multiple ways using XML. If the GET request supports a JSON response format, then by all means access it as a JSON object.



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Date:        06/01/2015 05:17 PM
Subject:        [lyo-dev] DoorsOauthSample and processAsJavaObjects
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I'm working through the code in DoorOauthSample, and find that the code
to de-serialize an OslcQueryResult as a Java Objects is commented-out:

if (response != null) {
                //De-serialize it as a Java object
                if (asJavaObjects) {
                   //Requirement req = response.getEntity(Requirement.class);
                   //printRequirementInfo(req);   //print a few attributes
                } else {
                  //Just print the raw RDF/XML (or process the XML as desired)

Are we not able to convert OSLC entities into regular objects?  What
hinders us from doing so?



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