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Re: [linuxtools-dev] 100% test pass! 0.2.0 release candidate


On Fri, 2009-04-03 at 11:52 -0400, Andrew Overholt wrote:
> It's high time we had an 0.2.0 release candidate build.  I'll do one
> today.

I've branched all of the sub-projects for 0.2.0, creating an "0.2.0"
branch under each project's "branches" directory.  I've also changed the
map file [1] that the automated builds use to define source input to
pull from each project's 0.2.0 branch.  I have a build going now against
these 0.2.0 branches which I'll push to the nightly update site [2] when
it's finished.

This means that we won't have builds happening from trunk [3] and will
hopefully force us to have a short 0.2.0 release process of testing and
final fixes so that we can get back to trunk development :)  .

I'm in the process of documenting our release engineering procedures.
The document isn't finished yet, but the steps I'd like us to follow for
doing a release are here:

I think we're at step #4.  Please follow the rest of the steps like
where to apply any fixes and report back here frequently with status for
each of the sub-projects.

When sub-project leads are happy with the state of their sub-project,
they can tag the branch and modify the map file [1].  The next build
will then pick that up.  Each time there's a build I'll push the output
to the nightly update site [2].

Please note that the wiki is open to everyone so feel free to edit it to
clarify anything that's confusing or poorly worded.  Also feel free to
ask any questions via this list.





Okay, this isn't entirely true because we have both Galileo and Ganymede
builds.  Since 0.2.0 is targeting Ganymede, we will continue to have
trunk builds happening against Galileo deps.

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