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Re: [jwt-dev] Kepler IP Log deadline tomorrow !

Hi all

Here are my notes with TODOs for Chris, Samir & I.

Best regards,
Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

---+++ JWT TODOs for Kepler
NB. about all TODOs, see info about what & how to do it in my previous email below this one.

bugzilla consistency to enforce & check
+ new milestone & moving the bugs
=> TODO Samir with Chris

project plan :
NB. project plan buglist automatically generated

Check build process for greedy attribute [380868] (target milestone: ---)
    Move to another build method [383409] (target milestone: ---)
    JUnit tests generate two failures [405776] (target milestone: ---)
    Make dependencies optional [379526] (target milestone: ---)
Null pointer exception in Kepler when eclipse is restarted with a model open in the WE [405775] (target milestone: ---)
    Improve project plan layout [380409] (target milestone: ---)

news & noteworthy :
=> TODO Samir (as said with screenshots...)

wiki :
=> done by Marc, maybe update it once slides are cleaned up
NB. release engineering / automatic build has been update w/ Tycho

website :
=> TODO Marc adds conference news, then TODO first Samir XML commented news, then Marc checkup

slides cleanup :
=> TODO Marc, save for what needs other things first (bugzilla report...)

---+++ For Samir
* Doing these tasks gives him the opportunity to learn firsthand about what has to be done and how * + he should as much as possible document on the wiki code, but also procedures (releng, Developper_FAQ) : if he finds out that the wiki is missing some information that he has to find out, he has to enrich it with it.

---+++ About latest SOA PMC telco
(see SOA PMC mailing list archive)
   * Zsolt from Talend stepping down as lead
* Envisioning maybe name change, at least wiki update based on story told by the integrated EclipseCon US tutorial (available on eclipsecon website, and soon as news on JWT ;)

Le 24/05/2013 12:01, Christian Saad a écrit :
Hi Marc, all,

thanks for the agenda proposal and your work on the wiki and the project slides!

unfortunately Skype probably won't work for me because my new Laptop is not compatible with my old headset. I could call you though if you provide me with your phone numer.


Am 23.05.2013 16:26, schrieb Marc Dutoo:
Hi all

So let's telco tomorrow 5 PM by Skype then.

& I've already done the wiki tasks.


Le 23/05/2013 15:42, Marc Dutoo a écrit :
OK for me ! I'm online already.

Here are a list of remaining TODOs that we have to discuss :

* project plan : update...

* bugzilla : new milestones & maintenance...

* New and Noteworthy :
Reference in
releng/jwt-feature-branding/intro/overviewExtensionContent.xml in SVN,
Fill it with "sexy" info & images about new features & improvements
see examples , ,

* update wiki :
(including wrong 1.2.0)

* update website :
news on the right of : right now add news
about past DemoCamp Grenoble, EclipseCon EU & US conferences ; on
release day add a news inspired by past one & wiki "release" blurb
eclipse version requirement, current & upcoming on the right of : info taken from &

I've already enriched with it.


Le 23/05/2013 12:10, Ahmed Wafa a écrit :
We can meet today at 4 pm on Skype, for example. Is this okay for

best regards,

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