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Re: [jwt-dev] Kepler IP Log deadline tomorrow !

Hi all

So let's telco tomorrow 5 PM by Skype then.

& I've already done the wiki tasks.


Le 23/05/2013 15:42, Marc Dutoo a écrit :
OK for me ! I'm online already.

Here are a list of remaining TODOs that we have to discuss :

* project plan : update...

* bugzilla : new milestones & maintenance...

* New and Noteworthy :
Reference http://wiki.eclipse.org/JWT_NewNoteworthy_1_3 in releng/jwt-feature-branding/intro/overviewExtensionContent.xml in SVN,
Fill it with "sexy" info & images about new features & improvements
see examples http://wiki.eclipse.org/JWT_NewNoteworthy_1_2 , http://wiki.eclipse.org/JWT_NewNoteworthy_0_6 , http://wiki.eclipse.org/JWT_NewNoteworthy_0_7

* update wiki :
(including wrong 1.2.0)

* update website :
news on the right of http://www.eclipse.org/jwt/ : right now add news about past DemoCamp Grenoble, EclipseCon EU & US conferences ; on release day add a news inspired by past one & wiki "release" blurb
eclipse version requirement, current & upcoming on the right of http://www.eclipse.org/jwt/download.php : info taken from http://wiki.eclipse.org/JWT_Downloads#Requirements & http://wiki.eclipse.org/JWT_Downloads#Releases

I've already enriched http://wiki.eclipse.org/JWT_DeveloperFAQ with it.


Le 23/05/2013 12:10, Ahmed Wafa a écrit :
We can meet today at 4 pm on Skype, for example. Is this okay for everyone?

best regards,

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