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[jwt-dev] Eclipse JWT build fails because of Eclipse Maven repo migration

Hi Samir

I guess that here is some work for JWT's release engineer :)

Eclipse JWT build has started failing because of the old Eclipse Maven repository has been decomissionned, and the new Maven Nexus repository (*) should be used instead.

To solve the problem, as said in the forwarded exchange below, the eclipse-jarsigner-plugin maven plugin provided by the CBI project (**) should be used instead of the currently being used org.eclipse.dash.maven:eclipse-signing-maven-plugin:jar:1.0.4 .

Feel free to ask if you've got problems solving it, I'll try to help more if I can.


doc :


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Hi Everyone, is now shutdown.


On 14/08/13 03:09 PM, Thanh Ha wrote:
Woops apparently I misread my calendar, I meant to say "August 30th 2013".


On 14/08/13 03:04 PM, Thanh Ha wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Per bug 405750 [1] I'd like to take a look into decommissioning soon. We now have and several projects have already been publishing their artifacts there.

At the moment I'm aiming to do this at the end of this month around September 30th 2013 but if this would be an issue for any projects please let us know. As far as I can tell the only artifacts that seem like they may affect any projects is 2 plugins from the dash project which have not been deployed to

- eclipse-maven-signing-plugin
- eclipse-signing-maven-plugin

If your project uses either of these plugins this may affect you when we take the server offline. The CBI project also provides a signing plugin called the "eclipse-jarsigner-plugin" which is available on and I would recommend you switch to using this plugin if this is the case. A README of how to use the plugin can be found here [2].



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