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AW: [jwt-dev] Unstructered graphs

Hi Pierre,

in the document (which you provided a link for) I don't find a clear
definition and description of the importance of non-structured graphs. In
this document only some examples for structured workflows are given as far
as I can see (I didn't read it completely, but only parts of it; sorry if I
missed the part that you mean!).

However, I assume that you mean the difference between block-based and
graph-based models? E.g. a typical BPEL-viewer is block-based (contains all
kinds of blocks which are nested by each other). On the other side,
languages such as BPMN are normally graph-based, so they contain only nodes
and edges. So graph-based are non-blocked graphs or non-structured graphs -
am I right? Or do you mean something else here?

If you mean this, then I don't completely understand your question, because
in JWT you normally only model graph-based models (containing nodes and
edges, without defining blocks)!
I would be happy if you could refine your question, then I'll try to think
about how much work needs to be done to support it.

Best regards,


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we are currently analysing JWT and we have the following questions:

In XPDL (which is the standard supported by our BPM product called Bonita),
graphs can be of different "conformance" class: Non-Blocked, Loop-Blocked
and Full-Blocked.

Basically, XPDL (and therefore Bonita) supports Non-Blocked graphs, meaning
non-stuctured graphs.

So questions are: can non-structured graph be designed with JWT? If no, do
you plan to support it? 
How much work has to be done approximately to support it?

On the importance of non-structured graph in BPM, please see:

Pierre Vignéras
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