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RE: [jwt-dev] Unstructered graphs

Hi Florian,

I will take this answer as Pierre is currently on vacations and with limited
access to email...

What we call non structured graphs are graphs in which for instance more
than one transition leaves a node (without the need of a split node in
between) or in which one node/activity inside a split/join block is
connected to another activity which is out of the previous block. Basically
non structured graphs give freedom to the graph definition (i.e the jpeg
image attached)

In the current JWT editor non structured graphs definition are not allowed
as the editor checks this constraint.

In the following article (focusing on cycles and iterations in Bonita) non
structured graphs concept is also explained together with cycles/iterations
(in fact in Bonita we call loops or iterations on non structured graphs
arbitrary cycles). If we correctly understood, JWT will not allow those

Structured graphs make life easier to editors and workflow engines but add
additional complexity to end users IMO.

Miguel Valdes 

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Hi Pierre,

in the document (which you provided a link for) I don't find a clear
definition and description of the importance of non-structured graphs. In
this document only some examples for structured workflows are given as far
as I can see (I didn't read it completely, but only parts of it; sorry if I
missed the part that you mean!).

However, I assume that you mean the difference between block-based and
graph-based models? E.g. a typical BPEL-viewer is block-based (contains all
kinds of blocks which are nested by each other). On the other side,
languages such as BPMN are normally graph-based, so they contain only nodes
and edges. So graph-based are non-blocked graphs or non-structured graphs -
am I right? Or do you mean something else here?

If you mean this, then I don't completely understand your question, because
in JWT you normally only model graph-based models (containing nodes and
edges, without defining blocks)!
I would be happy if you could refine your question, then I'll try to think
about how much work needs to be done to support it.

Best regards,


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we are currently analysing JWT and we have the following questions:

In XPDL (which is the standard supported by our BPM product called Bonita),
graphs can be of different "conformance" class: Non-Blocked, Loop-Blocked
and Full-Blocked.

Basically, XPDL (and therefore Bonita) supports Non-Blocked graphs, meaning
non-stuctured graphs.

So questions are: can non-structured graph be designed with JWT? If no, do
you plan to support it? 
How much work has to be done approximately to support it?

On the importance of non-structured graph in BPM, please see:

Pierre Vignéras
Bull, Architect of an Open World TM
*BPM Team*, Bull R&D
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