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[jwt-dev] BPEL transformation


I have some questions regarding BPEL transformation. Actually, a designer solution 
that unify both XPDL and BPEL is what we are looking for.

Concerning XPDL transformation, there is the problem of non-structured graph (see previous post). 
Two solutions for that: 
	- either we constraint user to structured graph (as it is the case in JWT) and therefore, 
we only produce a subset of XPDL documents (LOOP-BLOCKED, or FULL-BLOCKED graph conformance depending 
on designer restrictions).
	- or we provide a "non-structured" view of the designer where users can design non-structured graph. Of course,
in this case, the graph can be transformed only into a backend representation that supports non-structured graph, 
(this excludes BPEL).

Concerning BPEL, as far as I know, some works have already been done in this area.
What is the current status of this work. And what is planned? What are the restrictions 
(except non-structured graph of course).

Best regards.

Pierre Vignéras
Bull, Architect of an Open World TM
*BPM Team*, Bull R&D
1, rue de Provence
38130 Echirolles (France)
Direct Line: +33-4-76-29-74-06

*Orchestra*, The BPEL open source project:
*Bonita*, The XPDL open source project:

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