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[jwt-dev] Release Review

Hi all,
for those of you that didn't attend the release review of JWT WE: there were only few questions on our presentation [1], most of them could be easily answered. One question was about the usage of standards of the WfMC: whether we thought of them or use them at all. Marc and Mickael explained our efforts for generating XPDL (e.g. for Bonita) and the integration with current SOA projects (such as STP). Nevertheless should we have a closer look at the other standards that can be found on [2]. But their integration will be part of future releases of course ;-) Maybe we can use them to describe better on our homepage what we intend to do?
Now we are waiting for further information concerning our release. But since there were no issues they critized I guess there should be no problems.
Best regards and have a nice evening,

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