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AW: AW: [jwt-dev] Transformation architecture (and more)

Hi Mickael,

>> - Plugin now uses jwt-we classes and extensions (your extension point
does not add the action in the pop-up menu, I think it would be nice if it
did so...)

this is interesting. Did you have a look at the jwt-plugin-sample project on
the Eclipse CVS? There are four different actions implemented
(SampleAction1-4) which use the extension point in different ways: either
only a menu or a icon in the toolbar, or none of this or both. What exactly
did you mean with pop-up menu? Is this related to the toolbar?

>> - This transformation was successfully tested with workflow/agilpro type
version 1.3, but it does not work with version 1.4 for the moment. 

Ah, okay, that was why it was not working. Please have a look at
jwt-we-deploy, there should now be the plugin Workflow Editor in version
0.4.0 which you can use to test your plugin.

Best regards,


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