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[jwt-dev] JWT for SOA

Hi all

Following's Etienne's depiction of what will be done for the "unified approach of BPM" problematic, here is what has been presented at Eclipse Summit Europe 2007 about "JWT for SOA" (vision and planned work).

Note: JWT for SOA was born as the "JWT for SCOrWare" distribution. It has appeared notably thanks to Alain Boulze of INRIA that there is much interest in a broader approach : bridging BPM and SOA in a single platform.

JWT for SOA - Benefits of SOA for BPM | The vision
SOA acts as a „protective shell“ over the enterprise information system
* Ensuring business processes won‘t be impacted by unmanaged evolutions of the information system

SOA platforms provide services that are natural candidates for JWTs process execution * Therefore, integrating JWT with SOA platforms at development- and runtime definitely makes sense!

Looking at BPM the SOA way
   * BPM engines may be seen as exposing services
* BPM engine administration service, Process start service, Process Activity Lifecycle service… * BPM tooling may be integrated to SOA platforms development, deployment or management tooling

JWT for SOA – Targeting an SOA platform | What will be done
Again: still under development
   * Scheduled for the end of the year
Generic service registry API
   * With a first simple implementation
Generic service registry Browsing and Search UI
   * Basic browsing UI
   * Advanced semantic search UI
Integrated in the JWT workflow editor
* Allows to graphically create JWT actions targeting a service that is known by the registry

Planned work :
   * Process registry
   * SCA integration (within the public-funded project SCOrWare)

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

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