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[jwt-dev] Re: [Fwd: My vision for the collaboration between JWT and STP]

Hi Etienne, All

Thanks for what I believe is a clear, quite accurate depiction of what we're going to do in the following months.

Etienne, as I understand, your idea of pushing BPDM forward is as a "deeper" way to integrate with STP and STP-IM. I've taken a better look at BPDM and besides the fact it is not an approved standard yet it makes sense. I'd like to share some thoughts about it, more about soon...

More focus on some other points of your mail :

Our goal is to have a first coverage of the two problematics : Process Design by Business Analysts with BPMN, Process Implementation by Developers. Integrating STP's BPMN Editor is a way to achieve that and at the same time build some interesting ties between JWT and STP.

The STP Intermediate Metamodel (STP-IM) is an interesting utility whose goals are similar to JWT's (though having a stronger orientation on services rather than processes). Therefore it would be a hitback to both STP-IM and JWT's metamodel if they were not integrated. It has appeared quite recently, so nothing is planned yet, but I'd like to look to push this forward somehow, talk with STP's Adrian Moss etc.

About the STP Intermediate Metamodel (STP-IM) :
This model is a tool for bridging between the various STP editors and their models using transformations, and is able to hold information about concepts like Services, Routing, Processes (simple processes consisting of Step and Transition). It has been initiated and pushed forth in STP by Adrian Moss of INRIA, who found the need of such an intermediate (or "hybrid") metamodel while working on correspondancies between SCA and JBI in the context of the SCOrWare project. This idea gathered a big following among the pther STP members. Things then went fast and a first version of STP-IM is now committed. In order to be put to good use, it has to be extended in order to add the right tool / standard / runtime information (e.g. property, metadata, annotation etc.). The catch is (it is my understanding )that this extended information must stay consistent between all tools that integrates it in order to make it useful, and that is not trivial.

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Etienne Juliot a écrit :

-------- Message original --------
Sujet: My vision for the collaboration between JWT and STP
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 14:31:47 +0200
De: Etienne Juliot <etienne.juliot@xxxxxxx>
Organisation: EclipseCorner
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Here is a try to give my view of links between JWT and other STP projects.

JWT is focus on workflow and semantical business process. JWT is
composed of several components : JWT WE, JWT Core and JWT XPDL.
Here is a description of how JWT will work to build applications.

1) BPMN is used by analysts to design their business process. BPMN is a
pur visual notation. Some required informations for building an
executable workflow aren't available with BPMN (ex: user interaction,
validation step).
Some dedicated view and wizard will be create to add complex behaviors
and informations.
Alternativly, it is still possible to use a dedicated Workflow Modeler
(which come from AgilPro project).

2) JWT WE extends the existing STP BPMN Editor by adding workflow
informations with annotations.

3) A model transformation between BPMN models and JWT Core models is
used to have a real semantical workflow model of the business process.
This JWT Core metamodel need to be in a close relation with the future
hybrid model of STP Core.
A very good option for JDT Core would be to implement the BPDM
specification (Business Process Definition MetaModel, from OMG).

4) A second model transformation will allow traduction of analys JWT
models to technical JWT models. The first target is XPDL. An editor will
help technical designer to customize this final step.

I hope these comments will help to understand links between JWT and
other STP projects.

Don't hesitate to comment this proposition.

Etienne Juliot
Acceleo project & STP SCA Composite Designer project


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