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[jwt-dev] JWT and the "Process Virtual Machine"

Hi all

I've been at the SOA and BPM show in Paris and there I met JWT member Aers Kuhn of JBoss as well as Miguel Valdes Faura of Bull and Bonita Workflow fame (as well as other persons from JoNES, SCOrWare etc.). It was very interesting as well as a very nice time, I'll tell more about all that later.

For now I'd like to point out the recent work of Miguel and Tom Bayens of jBPM about the "Process Virtual Machine", which was undertaken in the scope of the recent jBoss - Bull agreements, and which has been the subject of exciting discussions with Miguel among others.

Here are some ressources, the first one is a good summary :

This aims to solve the same problem that JWT is tackling, the one that stems from the multiplicity of languages and standards in the BPM fields. So I think there is a great opportunity here for both initiatives... More later on !

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

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