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AW: [jwt-dev] [jwt-users] and the road goes on...

Hi Fabrice,
>>The need for a BPMN notation seems to be important for a few people.  
Do you mean that BPMN is only important for SOME people, or that it is important for MANY people? As you know currently the representation in AgilPro is in somehow similar to BPMN and can be easily adapted to show only BPMN symbols, but the metamodel behind that is not equal to the one from BPMN - so that might need many changes to adapt that...
>> In fact what is important I think is to have the ability to use JWT as top-down tool as so as a bottom-up tool.  
I hope that Marc and the other partners from the SCoRWARE project can provide some insight knowledge how especially to integrate existing services, etc. bottom-up into the process models.
 >> to start from a more business modeling view (typically BPMN) and then switch from this view to a more technical view.  
Currently this can be done in AgilPro by switching the parameters in the menu. Of course this could also be done in different tabs, but I guess that different people need different views, so configuring that in the preferences seems to make more sense in my eyes...
Considering the different representations: currently it is only possible to have the same graphical presentation, but this should be extended in further version.
What is currently possible is a refinement of business processes in the more technical view. So you can have a business process in the business view with A -> B -> C, and in the technical view with A1 -> A2 -> A3 -> B -> C1 -> C2 -> C3 || C4 -> C5 or something like that...
Best regards,

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