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[jwt-dev] [architecture] JWT and the Process Virtual Machine

Hi all

Following my last email, I'll try here to give more details on the concept of the "Process Virtual Machine" and why it's very interesting for the whole BPM field and especially for JWT.

The core idea is to solve the problem of "too many different BPM standards and languages", which hinders and complexifies integration between components using different standards. You'll note that it is the same problem JWT attempts to solve though on the tooling side, by having a unified tooling solution. The proposed solution is to "use the right language for the right job" without integration and compatibility worries by making all of them run on the same Process Virtual Machine (metaphorically similar to Java or rather the .NET approach).

I personally think this "gordian knot"-like approach is clever and quite right, since the advocated "use the right language for the right job" says that having multiple standards should not bring problems but flexibility, being a range of diverse solutions for diverse needs available to the architect. It would even allow users to write their own business-oriented BPM language and let it run on top of it, as well as being an open door for any proprietary language.

Moreover, being championed (and implemented in their next generation solutions) by JBoss jBPM, which is almost a defacto standard in the Open Source world, and Bull Bonita / Orchestra, which is (the just released Shark 2.0 aside) by far the other more complete, visible and entreprise ready BPM solution, it is promised, at the very least to have quite an imrpressive audience.

So where does JWT fit in ? The bottom line is : JWT solves the tooling side of the problem, so in a global point of view the picture remains the same : offering genericity across BPM languages and representation.

Now how could JWT actually benefit from this paradigm and runtime ?

Please send you feedback !

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

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