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[jwt-dev] [xpdl] workgroup start

Hi all

Emmanuel Rias (Bull) has kindly agreed to be in charge of the [xpdl] workgroup and to take some time each week to help keep track and push forward the workgroup's discussions and works. He'll be seconded by his colleague Miguel in the background.

The goal of the [xpdl] workgroup is foster discussions and works toward an XPDL mapping for JWT. This includes obviously how to do it and the architecture of the mapping, what piece of code to use (e.g. Bull NovaSuite's, Object Engineering's...) but also what metadata it requires the metamodel to have - so it has direct ties with the [metamodel] workgroup.

Its members for now outside of Emmanuel and Miguel will be Tim Stephenson (Tibco), who has experience of such "double mapping", Roman Zulauf (who did Object Engineering's XPDL mapping design and implementation), myself (Marc) and Aers Koen (jBoss).

Now I step back so Emmanuel may take charge !

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide
JWT Project Lead

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