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[jwt-dev] Re: BPMN - BPEL

Hi Wojciech

We've had a telco with the STP BPMN guys from Intalio, people like Antoine Toulme, Hugues Malphettes, Don Neely... Actually they've had larger talks with Alain Boulze and the Objectweb / OW2 consortium (which supports JWT) about possible joint developments. We did discuss architecture issues and obviously potential synergies between BPMN and JWT, so it was very interesting. At some point we also almost made a joint press release but it would have been too soon :)

The point was, the BPMN project and JWT have not the same goals. Obviously BPMN would be very interested for example by an XPDL mapping, but JWT's goals go much further, like having process testing features (in the WAM) and genericity at its heart.

Actually, there's no preconceived idea in JWT that our goals should be achieved through one way or another. If at the end of the day the actual software is in STP, or if the BPMN modeling is achieved by plugging the BPMN project on top, we would still achieve our core goal of providing a working, usable, generic business process development tool. However, it appeared during the inception of JWT that the easiest way to push these ideas forward was to actually do it, and then why not jump on the best opportunities to add value to existing projects and tools, since genericity will allow us to do that.

How do the model you've seen in the presentation compare to others like AgilPro's, XPDL's ?

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Wojciech Zurek wrote:
Hi All,

I have seen nice presentation on the EclipseCon about STP project. They have BPMN diagram editor that can be annotated with some BPEL specific information and then (probably) saved as BPEL and executed.
How this is related to JWT? (I've noticed that they don't use AgiPro! :-)


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