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[jwt-dev] [architecture] workgroup start

Hi all

After a few individual consultations, I 'm going to be in charge of the [architecture] workgroup. So expect a few emails on this subject each week, in order to put the big topics on the front page and keep track of the others !

The [architecture] workgroup's goals are to keep track of the whole picture. As a matter of fact, it means gathering all the pieces together and make them fit, write the detailed architecture where there is none (e.g. where there is no existing code, ex. in the WAM), get inputs about it where there is a starting point, and handle packaging and other release-implied matters.

Its members for now outside of myself are most logically Pardeep (independant consultant, who has already expressed his transverse interests), Gunther Palfinger (eMundo, who has the best knowledge of AgilPro's architecture), Fabrice Dewasmes (Pragma Consult, initiator of JWT).

As a starting point, here are a few questions or topics :

* we have to put together "good programming rules" for JWT, like following the "eclipse java style". In a larger perspective, a "howto" page about developing in JWT would be welcome, with information such as how to configure the development environment, how to build and test the plugins (here Pardeep tipped me about that), what versions of dependancies (ex. EMF) to use... Other inputs please ?

* I believe the WAM builds on the metamodel, extends it and provides further features. Obviously this is discussed in the [wam] metamodel, but I'd say the BP repository API could actually use the WE Process and Package concepts like this :
interface Repository {
install(Process); // installs a Process (in its Package) in the BP repository
install(Package); // installs a Package and its packaged BPs in the repository
However the idea of JWT packages were also those of kinda jar-like packaging of BPs together, so in this light it would not be AgilPro's Package concept which is closer to Java's packages... What do you think about that, should we need separate BPDefinitionPackage (java package-like) and DeployableBPPackage (jar-like) ?

Best regards,
Marc Dutoo
Open Wide
JWT Project Lead

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