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Re: [jta-dev] Requesting a project committer to review a (large) PR

Perhaps it would be enough to verify that the diff view (without needing to expand Transactions.adoc to see each change there) looks reasonable: and the build output produces documents? The current build output can be located in the "default" check of the PR. You can currently navigate via directories in the artifacts to and take a look at the pdf and html.

I have just noticed that the pdf has the wrong file name. I will raise a PR for that if I can once this is merged to make this PR clearer. I have raised

On Wed, 9 Sep 2020 at 17:09, Tom Jenkinson <tom.jenkinson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Please can I request for a review from one of the Jakarta Transactions project committers [1] for [2].

I am not really sure how we want to deal with this though!

Hopefully we have been fairly diligent and pull requests for the changes have been reviewed by either myself or another project committer for the spec-doc-conversion branch prior to now so I am not sure if we would need the reviewer to go through each commit or even the file changes themselves again or whether maybe it is enough to verify that the pull request is producing build output that could reasonably be considered a draft Jakarta Transactions 2.0 specification (it does look like it to me).

Also, once this is merged I think we should delete the branch:


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