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[jgit-dev] Help with a Packfile corruption error thrown by JGit

Hello Developers,

We are a team at SAP who deals with Transport of ABAP objects using remote git repositories. We have a java wrapper that uses the JGIT library in order to do the git operations that are exposed by JGIT.  Currently we have an issue where cloning a repository leads to an error “Packfile corruption detected: invalid code lengths set”. I tried to do a little bit research to understand what the issue could be but I couldn’t find much. I had contacted Christian Halstrick regarding this and he had commented that it could be because the processed Packfile is corrupt. It will be really great if i can get more information or pointers on why this would happen and how this can be rectified ? Thanking in advance. 

Best regards,

Sarat Krishnan. 

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