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[jgit-dev] 3.0.2 and 3.1.0 release

I plan to release final 3.0.2 either later this evening or tomorrow.
If you have any pending fixes for 3.0.2 which aren't yet pushed
to Gerrit this is the time to raise your hand.

I scheduled the release review for 3.1.0 for Oct 2

Find the release records in PMI here

Please help to update documentation
and new and noteworthy for 3.1

I plan to generate the 3.1.0 IP logs beginning of next week.

I will add additional entries for 3.2 (Dec 2013) 3.3 (Feb 2014) and 4.0 (June 2014)
shortly. I think we don't yet know if we'll have any API breaking changes until June
next year so we better plan 4.0, if we don't have breaking changes until then we
can still relax the version to 3.4.


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