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[jgit-dev] Moved build jobs to our own Hudson instance

I moved all build jobs to our new project Hudson [1].
Committers should have permissions on this Hudson.
We've gained much better Hudson UI performance and
reliability from this move :-)

Signing has been updated to use the CBI signing plugin
since the old Dash signing plugin has been retired.

There are still some open issues with using the CBI signing plugin:
- the github connector build still has to be updated to also use CBI signing
- the p2 repository doesn't yet have JGit pack200 artifacts, I requested [2]
  from Tycho to reach a proper solution, I hope I can find a workaround
  until this is available.
- some EGit UI tests became instable on the new Hudson,
  probably this is caused by slightly different runtime characteristics
  of this server

I added another download folder for maintenance builds at
currently this is fed from the stable-3.0 branch

The build jobs jgit, jgit-stable, egit, egit-stable also deploy build
results to Nexus [3]. Maven artifacts are here [4], p2 repositories are here [5].
On Nexus snapshot builds are retained for at least 4 weeks.



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