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[jgit-dev] Plan for upcoming releases

I have setup a tentative release schedule until Luna:

3.1.0:  Oct 2, 2013 (Luna M2
3.2.0:  Dec 18, 2013 (Luna M4)
3.3.0:  Feb 28, 2014 (Luna M6)
4.0.0:  June 25, 2014 (Luna)

and added a tentative plan until 4.0.0 here
this draft lists new features already cooking in Gerrit and those I know we
at SAP plan to work on.

Committers feel free to update the plan with features you plan to implement until Luna.
Add a hint until which release you plan the feature to be ready.

Contributors let us know if you want to see cool new features you plan to implement
until Luna in the project plan.


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