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[jgit-dev] AIOOBE in DirCache.getEntry

One of our users has reported following Exception against 49ec6c1b

> java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 185
> 	at org.eclipse.jgit.dircache.DirCache.getEntry(
> 	at org.eclipse.jgit.dircache.DirCacheIterator.parseEntry(
> 	at org.eclipse.jgit.dircache.DirCacheIterator.parseEntry(
> 	at
> 	at org.eclipse.jgit.treewalk.TreeWalk.popEntriesEqual(
> 	at

Looks like his .git/index was corrupted and a re-clone has fixed the

AFAIU, DirCache.entryCnt and sortedEntries.length can't become
inconsistent, so I'm wondering whether there is a problem with
DirCacheIterator.ptr which should be checked and inconsistencies handled
by an IOException?

Btw, there is no (relevant) difference in DirCache and DirCacheIterator
between stable-2.3 and stable-3 branch.


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