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[jgit-dev] Thread safety with fetch and read only operations

Hi all,

I'm developing a site that serves the documentation for Play Framework from git, using jgit.  The idea is that all the docs, which are already in our git repo, will be served from the corresponding tags/branches etc, and we'll periodically (eg once an hour) fetch from GitHub, thus deployment of new versions and updates to snapshots etc all happen automatically.  I'll be doing the fetch with the same instance of jgit.  My question is, is it safe for reading threads to continue to read the repo while the fetch happens, or do I need to block the reading threads while the fetch happens?

Also, are there any other thread safety, resource or concurrency concerns with having a single repository serving many concurrent requests?  The only shared object is the Repository, each request creates and disposes/releases its own RevWalk/TreeWalk instances.  Is it possible for reading threads using a single Repository to block each other or interfere with each other in some way?



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