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Re: [jgit-dev] New legal requirements for contributions

On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Robin Stocker <robin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Due to the rollout of Contribution License Agreements by the Eclipse
> Foundation the
> formal rules for contributions changed [1]. I updated the contributor
> guide [2] accordingly.
> Committers and contributors: please make yourself familiar with the
> new rules.

Just to make sure:

If a change was pushed to Gerrit after the switch, the only thing that
has to be checked as a committer are copyright headers and whether it
needs a CQ (the magic 200 lines mark).

AFAIK a CQ is needed for initial contributions, patches larger than 250 lines
or containing encryption code [3].
In other words, Gerrit rejects the push if the CLA and Signed-off-by
are incorrect. Right?

that's what the last paragraph in [4] states, though I am not sure when
exactly Gerrit will enforce this (in July 2013 isn't a very precise date).
If in doubt committers can check if a contributor has a valid CLA here [5].
What about changes that were pushed before the switch? Does Gerrit
reject "Submit" if the information is incorrect or should we ask
contributors to re-push? Or is a rebase through the Gerrit UI enough?

@Wayne: could you answer these questions ?


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