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Re: [jgit-dev] Symlinks and Java 7

2012/7/15 Darkness <darkness.bsd@xxxxxxxxx>
Optional feature is JNI orÂjava.lang.Runtime.exec()? Or there are other ways to creating symlinks in Java 5 and 6?

2012/7/15 Matthias Sohn <matthias.sohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2012/7/14 Darkness <darkness.bsd@xxxxxxxxx>
Is it right to switch to Java 7 (accordingly to that Bug 354367) and implement symlinks supporting in JGit, or this is mmm... hard conclusion?

We want to still support Java 5 and 6 so this needs to be installed via anÂoptional feature until we drop Java 5 and 6 support.

I meant you can implement it using Java 7 but this feature needs to go into a separate
optional OSGi bundle since it requires Java 7 runtime environment.Â

Long time ago we started a small JNI lib [1] and corresponding native OSGi fragments
in order to install it but this is still pending in review. Shawn also found a way to run the
native build from MavenÂbut we didn't yet find the time to integrateÂthat into the
Hudson build so it's still pending in review.ÂShawn also implemented support for
symlinksÂusing JNIÂ[2].

I think in order to implement that in Java 7 you would need to create a new subclass
of the abstract classÂorg.eclipse.jgit.util.fs.FileAccess defined in [1] in a separate
new optional bundle which is only installed when Java 7 is available.