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Re: [jgit-dev] Fwd: Shallow clone with JGIT

2012/7/14 Timothy Klim <klimtimothy@xxxxxxxxx>

Can I can do this "git clone --depth 1 ..." with JGIT library?

I think jgit currently only has the server part, see this jgit commit:

commit 9952223e0645fd7a8cddc6093a7f449c6390238d
Author: Matt Fischer <matt.fischer@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Mon Jul 26 22:39:37 2010 -0500

    Implement server support for shallow clones
    This implements the server side of shallow clones only (i.e.
    git-upload-pack), not the client side.
    CQ: 5517
    Bug: 301627
    Change-Id: Ied5f501f9c8d1fe90ab2ba44fac5fa67ed0035a4
    Signed-off-by: Chris Aniszczyk <caniszczyk@xxxxxxxxx>


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