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[jgit-dev] [ANN] SubGit 1.0.0 RC1

Hello All,

I'm glad to report that SubGit 1.0 RC1 is available for download at

SubGit is a server side tool that enables transparent two-way
synchronization between Subversion and Git.
Being installed into Subversion repository, SubGit provides safe and
smooth Svn to Git migration experience.

This first release candidate of SubGit is ready for production use.

Links that you may find useful:

Download: http://www.subgit.com/download/
Comparison to Git-Svn: http://subgit.com/documentation/gitsvn.html
Blog on practical SubGit usage: http://blog.subgit.com/

SubGit Issues tracker: http://issues.tmatesoft.com/issues/SGT

Feel free to use SubGit for free and let us know if there is anything
you miss. If you have any questions or suggestions on SubGit, we'd love
to receive them at support@xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks, SubGit Team, TMate Software, http://subgit.com/ - Safe Svn to Git Migration! http://svnkit.com/ - Java [Sub]Versioning Library! http://hg4j.com/ - Java Mercurial Library! http://sqljet.com/ - Java SQLite Library!