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Re: [jgit-dev] Shallow fetching

2012/4/16 Vineet Sinha <vineet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I will confirm with them about the EDL. But, assuming that - a couple of questions (I am trying to expedite things by not having them be the bottleneck):
1. Do they need to fill out any extra forms?
2. Can I submit the patch to Gerrit, or do they need to do it themselves?
3, Can you do a quick scan of the code and let me know how far it is from ready (does it take the right approach)? And if someone else from the community can do the necessary fixes, so that the code can be pushed into JGit?

I think it is required that they submit the patch to Gerrit, in order to comply
to the Eclipse IP process [1]. If they never did a contribution to any Eclipse
project this may require filling out additional forms (at least they need to register 
an Eclipse account and in that process accept the terms of use).

The biggest thing missing in this patch are tests, we want comprehensive
unit tests for all changes not yet covered by existing tests. It also seems there 
are a couple of todos regarding performance.

[1] figure 3 in


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