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[jgit-dev] Using JGit in Google AppEngine

I saw some interest in this some months ago and wondered if there was
any resolved solution.  Does anyone have something working today?

I've just started down the path attempting with the Google App Engine
Virtual File System [1] and AppEngine-Java-IO [2] projects. It seemed
that a solution could be implemented without significant changes to
JGit, but JGit itself doesn't like getting a rather than a  Does
anyone know a simple way to modify JGit to accept a compatible
interface, rather than only specific object types?  (I find this an
annoying by-product of the Java language, so I hardly ever use the
language myself.)

More status and background:

AppEngine-Java-IO, unfortunately, is still in a quite incomplete
state, but I think filling in the extra methods required
wouldn't be too tough.

I'm using RingoJS and AppEngineJS [3] to provide myself with a
JSGI-compatible server.  My objective is to create a JSGI based
content management system that uses Git to maintain itself and where
JSGI servers can issue Git commands to manage themselves.  Mozilla
Skywriter [4] could be invoked to edit the server source directly
on-line and something like Gist [5] could be used to collaborate on
the servers.  I haven't been following the Cloud9 IDE development, so
it could be that many of my ideas are already being implemented.


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