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Re: [jgit-dev] Using JGit in Google AppEngine

Nabeel Siddiqui <nabeelmukhtar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Is it possible to use JGit to access Git repositories from Google AppEngine. The 
> appengine does not allow the use of sockets but communication through 
> HTTPUrlConnection is allowed. So I was wondering whether its possible to use 
> that for Git operations.

Not like you would hope.  The HTTP protocol doesn't offer very much
other than to copy branches from the remote repository to yourself.
You can't read the commit log or read file contents directly
for example.  So about all you can do is mirror it to yourself.
But once its mirrored to you, then you can read it.

> Furthermore the AppEngine also does not allow file system access so will using 
> the database to simulate files and directories be enough for JGit?

No, not yet.  But we are working towards it...

I have a massive patch series pending code review for JGit [1]
to abstract away the local file system access so that storing Git
data in a database is possible.  Once that refactoring is fully
done (and despite the size of that series, its still not finished)
it should be possible to implement a different storage system that
uses the Google AppEngine datastore instead of local file IO.



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