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Re: [jgit-dev] Before pressing Gerrit and breaking things

2010/7/13 Christian Halstrick <christian.halstrick@xxxxxxxxx>

agree to all that and I suggest something on top: couldn't we have the
central hudson vote on our proposals? Every changeset could be build
by hudson after upload and hudson could vote negative if the build/the
tests fail. When I last pressed submit in gerrit I did run all tests
by an "mvn clean test" and everything was green. But the bug
introduced was platform specific and our central hudson running on a
different platform than I do found him. That solution would also help
that people "forget" to test.

Actually we already got the hudson-gerrit plugin installed on
We already use this successfully at SAP. We didn't yet try the gerrit-trigger Hudson plugin
which seems to have some advantages over the other one.

I think we need some new Hudson jobs for these builds verifiying posted changes before 
they reach master. In addition we have to decide on which category the hudson build
should vote, maybe we should add a verification voting category for that. And Hudson
needs a Gerrit user in order to be able to vote on the changes after verification finished.

The verification builds should run the build and the tests but not install the results into
the maven repo since version numbers would then interfere with the regular CI builds
on the master branch. Alternatively we could add a qualifier to the version giving
the change which has been verified, e.g. 

I propose we first configure this for jgit to gain some experience and if this works out
we'll do the same for egit.

Thoughts ?


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