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Re: [jgit-dev] Before pressing Gerrit and breaking things

Robin Rosenberg <robin.rosenberg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Being able to merge in Gerrit without doing anything locally is a powerful 
> tool. but it has one HUGE problem. It does no verification that what your 
> merge is sane in any way.

It has another HUGE problem:

If you submit the changes one-by-one, in order from the first in
the series to the last, you get the nasty stair-step effect in
the history.  I don't want that for these very big series in JGit.

Either create a manual merge commit with a proper merge summary
in the commit message and upload that, or submit from the *END*
of the series and work your way backwards.  Gerrit will wait until
the entire series is submitted before it actually executes its
attempt to merge... and then it will write a proper merge summary,
and will avoid the stair-step effect.


FWIW, I planned to manually create the merges for these two series
once I got approvals, and then get the merges reviewed too.


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