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[jgit-dev] Before pressing Gerrit and breaking things

A couple of notes:

We have a number of major merges incoming. They must be done manually
and when they fail the first thing to suspect is thet the merge is flawed.

However currently that is not the case. Tests on the master branches are 
failing and the number of fix-ups for "syntactic" issues is annoying (not the
fix-ups of course, but the fact that they are needed and that other people 
have to submit them).

There are major merges in EGit and JGit incoming and it would be helpful if 
the master branches are in working order so that the result of the merge can 
be something useful and failing tests in the merge can be attributed onlyu to 
the merge.

In other words, try to test before submitting to master in Gerrit, unless you
really sincerely believe it is unnecessary.

Being able to merge in Gerrit without doing anything locally is a powerful 
tool. but it has one HUGE problem. It does no verification that what your 
merge is sane in any way.

-- robin

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