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Re: [jgit-dev] TreeWalk for folder return RevBlob instead of RevTree

Dariusz Luksza <dariusz.luksza@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> For some reasons when I pass path to folder in PathFilter I retrieve a
> RevBlob instance instead of RevTree maybe I'm doing something wrong
> here:
> TreeWalk tw = new TreeWalk(repo);
> tw.reset();
> tw.setRecursive(true);
> tw.setFilter(PathFilter.create("src/test"))
> int nth = tw.addTree(tree);
> if (
>     return tw.getObjectId(nth);

Its recursive.  A recursive TreeWalk automatically skips over
trees and returns only files.  Since you passed a directory, its
now going to iterate everything in that directory.

Disable recursive to see trees.  Unfortunately you then have to
dive down into src to find test:

  while ( && !"src/test".equals(tw.getPathString()))
    if (tw.isSubtree())

I think... matching for a single tree entry nested within a path
is a new corner case we haven't explored before with TreeWalk.
I'm not surprised its giving you trouble.  :-(


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