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[jgit-dev] Please help test 0.8.1

Now that we have shipping 0.8.1, I would ask everyone to do some
testing as much as possible in the next week (we have one more chance
to spin a 0.8.2 if need be before Helios RC4).

1. Test installation from our software repository:
 - start with the latest Eclipse SDK and back to Eclipse 3.4.2 (this
is the last release we support 3.4 before moving to 3.5 as a minimum)

2. Test installation from the Helios repository
 - same as above but just install what's in the Helios repository when
using Eclipse 3.6...
   (should be enabled by default with an SDK download)

3. Verify functionality
 - according to our user guide:
 - according to your own personal workflows... with github or other

4. File bugs and enhancements!
 - Don't be scared... bugs are good when they are tracked!
 - more bugs are better than fewer bugs!

5. Communicate with the developers and other users
 - on the newsgroup
 - on the mailing lists

Thank you everyone in advanced for making EGit, JGit and Helios a great release!


Chris Aniszczyk
+1 860 839 2465

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