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[jgit-dev] EGit and JGit 0.8.1

I'm happy to announce along with the rest of the EGit and JGit teams
that 0.8.1 is out the door...

A big thank you to Shawn Pearce and Matthias Sohn in helping with
getting everything out the door and making EGit and JGit ship with

I look forward to us shipping 0.9.0 in September and steadily march to
a potential 1.0 by the end of this year.

I also spent some time updating the new and noteworthy's today:

If I missed anything, let me know. We have until mid next week to
submit any last minute changes to EGit 0.8.X (they need to be really
serious to be included). In the end, I'm really happy to see things
move forward. The Eclipse community is watchful when it comes to our
progress and it's great to see teams from Google, Red Hat, SAP,
individuals and other companies work together to move this Git vision
forward at Eclipse.


Chris Aniszczyk
+1 860 839 2465

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