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Re: [egit-dev] Re: [jgit-dev] Font sizes in gerrit

Robin Rosenberg <robin.rosenberg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> m??ndagen den 22 februari 2010 10.40.06 skrev  Alex Blewitt:
> > On 22 Feb 2010, at 06:12, Robin Rosenberg wrote:
> > > The default font size in Gerrit is now so small,
> It's not as easy to do in ff as in Konqueror/Safari and that probably messes
> with other sites. I guess Shawn is on Safari too and doesn't notice the tiny
> font sizes because of the minimum font size setting in khtml.

Actually, I do all of my development with Firefox 3.0.17 on Linux
and Google Chrome 5.0.beta on Linux.  Every once in a while I test
Google Chrome, Opera 10, and Safari 4 on Mac OS X.  None of these
browsers seem to be using too small of a font on my system.

I have tried to use the generic font sizes of large, small, smaller,
etc. but I haven't always held to that because some stuff just
rendered too big no matter what font size I asked for, and my users
(who are using the same browsers as I am testing with) demanded I
fix it.

Its possible a revisit through the various font-size rules in the
CSS might produce something better for all users.  But I just don't
have the time.
> Konqueror (whose engine Safari is originally based on) did not work well. And 
> Lynx is not GWT capable, I think.

Sad to hear Konqueror can't render it.  I guess they have really
fallen behind since WebKit forked out?

Lynx doesn't run JavaScript... so no, it can't run GWT based UIs.

FWIW... my goal this month is to shift as much of the database as
I can into Git itself.  That means someone could eventually write
an Emacs interface to read/manipulate a branch locally, and then
just push/fetch to exchange with the server.  So longer term the
web UI will become just an option, not a requirement.

I think that is a better use of my time than trying to make the UI
work on some less popular browsers like Lynx.  I'm really hoping that
some cute command line based tools will come along once we're in Git.


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