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Re: [egit-dev] Re: [jgit-dev] Font sizes in gerrit

Robin Rosenberg <robin.rosenberg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> m??ndagen den 22 februari 2010 23.01.08 skrev  Bill Burdick:
> > If you want a specific solution to ease your pain, you can try the Stylish
> > FF plugin:
> Thanks, that helps.
> Changing mininum font sized to 20 (pixels, why on earth can't FF use point?)
> reduces the problem a bit, but it doesn't fix the other problem with the eclipse related
> icons and links that overlay some links, most notably the All/Open link.  This user
> script fixes these issues for me. It seems the #header-global-holder element is mal-placed
> in the page source since I cannot position it in relative terms.

The header that contains the eclipse links and logos and so on is
really busted.  The original source was using CSS with absolute
positioning to try and position the elements.  I brought it over
to Gerrit, but screwed something up.  In particular we don't know
how tall in pixels the menu bar area is going to be.
> Here is my current gerrit user script for Firefox on ubuntu 9.04 KDE at 150 dpi.
> @-moz-document domain(''), url-prefix('') {
> .G1cxqn1eGD { /* a dynamic id or what is this?`*/

Uh, yea.  Its not dynamic, but its a computed id during the compile
of Gerrit Code Review from source to JavaScript/CSS.  The name isn't
stable and is likely to change in a future build.  The GWT compiler
generates these names so they are unique and won't have a collision
in the global CSS namespace for the page.  They are also shorter
than the original source names, making for a more compact CSS script.

To really fix the header stuff, I think we need to rewrite the
entire header HTML.  Its there because the Foundation strongly
encouraged us to include it.  But I didn't want to spend several
hours trying to decipher the complex CSS they use and fix it to
display in this context.


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