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[jgit-dev] Re: [egit-dev] How to build [EJ]Git?

OK, this thread has gone on long enough.  We're now just talking
circles around each other.

Right now I think we should:

* JGit:

  Use Maven 2.x, pom-first, maven-bundle-plugin.

  Consider checking in .project, .classpath files which use the
  PDE nature, the m2eclipse nature, and the m2eclipse classpath
  container.  I'll prepare a change to add these today and send
  it for review.

  Consider a subdirectory holding a Tycho build that creates a proper
  feature and packages the project for P2.  IMHO the feature for
  JGit should be part of the JGit project and not the EGit project.
  But the last time I tried this I ran into issues in Tycho so I
  most likely will need help from Igor to figure it out.

  Right now I massively favor pom-first here, because as Jason
  has already pointed out, many IDEs understand this format for a
  project description, and I only want to maintain it once.

* EGit:

  Use Tycho, manifest-first.

  Fix ASAP so
  Buckminster can actually start relying on EGit's core plugin.

  Evaluate Buckminster vs. Tycho after things have stablized a bit
  more in both camps.  Both seem like really good tools, but are
  each having their own little growing pains right now.

  Either way, the EGit build shall be manifest-first because that
  is the OSGi standard way, and development support in non-Eclipse
  IDEs irrelevant.  Which is why I want to revisit and evaluate
  Buckminster in the near future.


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