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[jetty-users] Mng http2-hpack jar causes connection to time out rather than throw an exception

Referring to this thread on the solr user mailing list:

This user was seeing timeouts when trying to use SolrJ's Http2SolrClient object in HTTP/2 mode. Setting it to use http 1.1 made it work properly. I built a test program that worked fine.

By comparing my test program to their program, the user found that they were missing the http2-hpack jar. Once they added it, the problem went away.

Should this be reported as a bug? I think that the program should have done one of two things as a result of the missing jar:

* Throw an exception (maybe ClassNotFoundException), ideally stating that HPACK header compression is not possible because the implementation is missing.

* Proceed without HPACK, logging a message at WARN about it. This assumes that http2 CAN operate without hpack. If http2 requires hpack, then I think it should not be in a separate jar from the main http2 implementation. I read through the http2 RFC when it was first released, but I admit that I do not remember whether or not hpack was required.


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