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Re: [jetty-users] Missing http2-hpack jar causes connection to time out rather than throw an exception

On 9/4/23 13:49, Shawn Heisey via jetty-users wrote:
* Proceed without HPACK, logging a message at WARN about it.  This assumes that http2 CAN operate without hpack.  If http2 requires hpack, then I think it should not be in a separate jar from the main http2 implementation.  I read through the http2 RFC when it was first released, but I admit that I do not remember whether or not hpack was required.

I have learned that hpack is not *required* by http2, but that any sensible implementation will use it because it reduces the amount of data sent over the wire. In many cases that savings can be significant.

I'm sure that the jetty server included with Solr has hpack enabled by default. I haven't seen anything to indicate that it's even configurable ... it may not even be possible to turn it off.

I've been able to work out why hpack is in its own jar. It's used by both the client and the server.


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