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[jetty-users] After upgrade from Jetty 9.2.x to 9.4.x https.ini configuration does not work

Hi all,

I have a  test where I am running two instances of an application bundled with jetty  on two different ports on the same machine (local). Before the upgrade, with 9.2.x all I had to do was to edit the start.d/https.ini file and change the port value for the second instance (by default the application uses a port which is different from 8080 and the first instance starts with this port.). The application was recently upgraded to use Jetty 9.4.x and now the second jetty instance start will be attempted on the default port, seemingly ignoring the modified port value in the https.ini. Of course this fails because that port is already in use.

Can someone provide insight on how to resolve this?


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