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Re: [jetty-users] Another newbie-9.x-user question

On 02/02/2017 16:14, Chris Walker wrote:

This is as easy as setting up a ROOT webapp (just a directory, not a
war) and defining a 404 page within the web.xml. For example:

No, Chris, you're misunderstanding me. I already have a root webapp with a 404 page -- I also have a list of virtual hosts, and the problem is that if I send a request to an invalid host name (e.g. instead of it doesn't go to my webapp at all -- it records a 404 in the request log but delivers a "default" 404 page, which is zero bytes in length. In Jetty 8 I got a page from the "default" webapp, but I don't seem to have one in my new 9.4 setup.

John English

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