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Re: [jetty-users] Another newbie-9.x-user question

On 23/01/2017 18:38, Chris Walker wrote:

Regarding the deploy module, you can disable the automatic deployment of
webapps by setting the value of /jetty.deploy.scanInterval=/ to 0. You
can change this by editing the /${jetty.base}/start.ini /or
/${jetty.base}/start.d/deploy.ini/ file (depending on your setup). You
can read more about hot deployment here

Thanks! I somehow missed that section when I was reading the documentation...

One further question: Is there a way to just use an XML file as described here:
but specifying a directory name rather than a .war file? I can't find anything in WebAppContext or its parents that just lets you specify a directory name. Again, I'm probably missing something obvious...

Thanks again,
John English

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